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In pursuit of excellence, participation and fun!


Oxford School of Gymnastics is the first club in Oxfordshire to offer Acrobatic Gymnastics. The club was established in 2003 by Caroline Day and Emma Parr,with the vision of producing Great British, European and World Champions.


Gymnasts taking part in Acrobatic Gymnastics work as pairs or in groups of three or four. Partnerships can be all male, female or mixed.


Gymnasts perform only floor routines in a 12x12m square. Using partners to form pyramids in their balance routine, gymnasts create amazing static positions using their hands, heads and feet, the control and strength needed to make these positions look effortless is part of their skill.  For the dynamic routine gymnasts perform movements incorporating flight.  The smaller, lighter 'top' is thrown into the air to perform somersaults before being caught again by their partners.  The moves are breathtaking and show power and amazing trust.

We offer classes for male and female gymnasts of all ages and abilities. Our recreational classes are based on gentle progression in a fun and stimulating environment. Our coaches are very experienced and are qualified to coach up to the highest levels.  
Gymnasts who start with us in our recreational classes will have the chance to move through our gymnastics squads to reach a competitive group - if this is something they wanted to pursue.

We now have several British Champions and World and European Medal winners amongst our gymnasts and coaches.

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New members are always welcome, so why not contact us?

About our Club