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Competition Results 2007

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British Tournament-Dec 2007
Gold and Silver!

Well Done to Cath, Rosie and Ellie who won the GOLD medal in a really tough 11-16 competition. Steph, Laura and Hannah finished in a fantastic 4th place, just missing out on bronze by 0.1 in their first major competition. Both trios performed fantastic routines...WELL DONE!

Chris and Rosie competed in their first major competition. Despite looking the clear winners in warm up they made uncharacteristic mistakes, which meant that they finished in 2nd place. Their disappointment was obvious but can hopefully be learned from.

Regional Championships-Oct 2007
9 Gold, 2 Bronze

click here to download results

Once again a great weekend! Our partnerships looked stunning and really stole the show!!

Rebecca and Freya won GOLD at WP(womens pairs) NDP 1

Aysha and Laura won BRONZE at WP NDP 1

Will and Izzy won GOLD at MxP (mixed pairs) NDP 1

Rebecca, Illanah, Freya won GOLD at WG (womens groups)NDP 1

Maisie, Fran and Emily performed an amazing routine at NDP 1, but just lost concentration at the end of the routine and fell in their last balance which was gutting as they would have certainly won a medal.

Sophie and Megan won GOLD at WP NDP 2

Gabrielle and Cosette won BRONZE at WP NDP 2

Becci, Megan, Ellie won GOLD at WG NDP 2

Katie, Becky, Megan won GOLD at WG NDP 3

On Sunday our FIG gymnasts performed at Andover. Both partnerships performed their routines really well, but both with room for improvement!

Steph, Laura, Hannah won GOLD at WG FIG 11-16

Chris and Rosie won GOLD at MxP FIG 11-16

WELL DONE to EVERYONE and a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came to support the competitors.

For the scores/results click the on 'download results'.

European Championships - Oct 2007

Our 2 trios (Jo, Amber, Abi and Cath, Rosie, Ellie) performed 2 routines over two days of qualifications finishing in 3rd and 4th place. Both trios did amazingly well and deserved to take part in the finals, however the rules state that only one partnership from each nation may qualify for the finals; so Cath's trio were unfortunately knocked out of the competition at this point as they were one ranking behind Jo's partnership. Jo's trio competed their balance routine in the final and took the silver medal behind Russia. It was a fantastic competition and both trios did themselves proud.

1st English Acrobatic Championships - 6th Oct 2007

3 partnerships competed at the FIG 11-16 event. Jo, Amber and Abi, Cath, Rosie and Ellie and Chris and Rosie.

It was Chris and Rosie's first competition and they were only performing one routine-with the focus of their competition been 'experience'! They performed a good routine with some small errors but still finished 2nd in the balance exercise. They show real potential for the future. Cath, Rosie and Ellie gained the highest score of the competition in their balance exercise;they too only performed one routine. Jo, Amber and Abi, despite some uncharacteristic errors still finished in first place. The two trios can now use this competition to build on ready for the Europeans!

European Trials June and July 2007

Our 2 trios of Cath, Rosie and Ellie and Jo, Amber and Abi performed exceptionally well in both trials. Jo's trio finishing .50 ahead in trial one and Cath's trio finishing .05 ahead in trial two. This means that they finished the event in =1st place; which is incredible considering they performed 4 routines! This amazing result means that both trios have been selected for the GB team. They will represent the country in the European Championships in October. WELL DONE !!!!!! Go Team GB !!!!!!

May 2007 - NDP National Finals, Stoke on Trent.

All our qualifiers from the Regional Prelims were amongst the top performers at the competition. The trio of Steph, Laura and Hannah won GOLD at NDP level 1 and achieved the highest score of the whole competition. Their routine was almost faultless, their elegance and presentation was immaculate and they are ones to watch in the future! Our partnerships of Chris and Abi, Charmaine and Danielle and Katy, Katie and Megan all took SILVER medals. Katy, Katie and Megan gave the best performance of their careers so far, they nailed all their moves and gave a stunning show in both routines. Charmaine and Danielle performed with charisma and gave a very strong technical performance. Despite achieving the silver, it was a slightly disappointing result for Chris and Abi who made some mistakes in the routine which cost them the gold. Sophie, Illanah and Zoe competed in the NDP Level 2 event which was a really tough battle between the 6 top partnerships. The trio did amazingly well to take the BRONZE medal. Nicole, Becky and Lucy gave a good performance at NDP level 1 to finish 6th.

April 2007 - Prep A and B South of England Finals 

We had 2 partnerships competing and they both achieved gold! Our Prep A womens pair of Rebecca and Izzy gave a stunning performance displaying excellent technical execution and presentation to convincingly take the gold and our mixed pair of Will and Freya captivated the audience with a cheeky routine to beat their competition in Prep B.

March 2007 - British Championships, Stoke on Trent 

Once again our partnership of Cath, Rosie and Ellie were in action. They gave the most polished performance of their gymnastic career so far. Their balance routine was stunning and technically almost faultless. The girls finished a fantastic 2nd. The new partnership of Jo, Amber and Abi competed together for the first time but did not disappoint. After two polished routines they finished the event as British Champions. Both partnerships will now take place in the European Championship selection trials later in the year. Well Done Girls!!!

Feb 2007 - Yate International, Bristol 

This was our first time at this event which attracted gymnasts from Russia and Germany as well as the best from Great Britain. Our 11-16 partnership of Jo, Amber and Rosie competed in their last competition together taking the Gold medal in style. Our 11-16 partnership of Cath, Rosie and Ellie, finished in 3rd place.

March 2007 - Prelims 

We had over 30 gymnasts competing at this event, it was our biggest ever entry into a competition, with Comp 3 making their debut. All our gymnasts shone above the rest of the competitors and gave stunning performances to take the gold medals in all levels entered and just to top it off in the level 1 womens group competition our gymnasts beat the rest of the field to finish 1-5! An amazing result, we couldn’t have done any better!
Rebecca and Izzy - gold at Prep A womens pairs
Will and Freya - gold at Prep B mixed pairs
Steph, Laura, Hannah – gold at level 1 womens groups
Nicole, Becci, Lucy – silver at level 1 womens groups
Rebecca, Maisie, Ellie – bronze at level 1 womens groups
Livvie, Gabby, Cosette – 4th at level 1 womens groups
Natalie, Megan, Emily – 5th at level 1 womens groups
Charmaine and Danielle – gold at level 2 womens pairs
Chris and Abi – gold at level 2 mixed pairs
Sophie, Illanah, Zoe – gold at level 2 womens groups
Katy , Katy, Megan – gold at level 3 womens groups

All the gold medalists will now represent the region at the NDP National Finals in May.
Well Done!!

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