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Drawn Number

Winners Name

June 2011

1st Place - No. 17

2nd Place - No. 48

Sophie Newell - drawn by Chris Day

Mini Allen - drawn by Rob Burr

July 2011

1st Place  No. 98

2nd Place  No.37

Becky Evans - Drawn by Toni Evans

Linda Allen - Drawn by Trish Clempson

August 2011

1st Place   No. 52

2nd Place  No. 77

Katie Binley - Drawn by Michelle Allen

Andrew Perfect - Drawn by John Lambert

September 2011

1st Place   No.91

2nd Place  No.99

Claire Newell  -  Drawn by Peter Woodliffe-Thomas
Cherry Mungel  -  Drawn by Stella Graham

October 2011

1st Place    No. 74

2nd Place   No. 77

Elaine Newell  -  Drawn by Anna Traff

Andrew Perfect  -  Drawn by Trish Clempson

November 2011

1st Place   No. 85

2nd Place  No. 5 

Marie-Louise Morley  -  Drawn by Giles Clempson
Alicia Jackson  -  Drawn by Paul Newell

December 2011

1st Place  No. 58   

2nd Place   No. 74

Hanna Kolewicz  - Drawn by Miranda Doggett

                         - Drawn by Mia Lewis

January 2012

1st  Place No. 65

2nd Place No. 28

Claire Newell - Drawn by Martin Johnson

Elspeth Jackson - Drawn by Louise Woodliffe-Thomas

February 2011

1st Place No.20

2nd Place No.12 

Guy Fotherby - Drawn by Claire Newell

Sarah Newbrook - Drawn by Rich Evans

March 2011

1st Place No.14

2nd Place No. 9

Steve Allen - Drawn by Carl Ferber

Billy Newell - Drawn by Steve Allen

April 2011



May 2011



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