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Competition Results 2009

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Competition Results 2009

British Tournament - Nov 2009

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Cath, Rosie and Emily were competing against 24 other groups in the 11-16 WG competition. They gave a show of excellence in both qualifications (finishing 1st in both routines) and finals and convincingly took the GOLD medal. Rebecca, Fran and Freya in their first major competition put on a fantastic show in qualifications to qualify for finals in 2nd place. In finals though, things didn't go quite to plan - for some reason Freya just forgot the routine(!) The girls finished in 4th place, but show that they really are gold medal contenders for 2010!
Chris and Beth were disappointed to finish overall 3rd having lead through qualifications. In their combined routine their moves were just lacking precision and had minor faults throughout, nothing that cant be worked on for 2010.

Regional Championships - Nov 2009

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We had our largest entry into the regional championships with 30 competitors competing over 1 weekend. On Saturday we saw the PREP and NDP gymnasts(grades 1-3) in action. Korben and Will in their first ever competition performed a good routine despite obvious nerves to win the GOLD medal. Melissa, Ava and Aysha in their first competition together just missed out on a medal finishing in 4th. In the same section Phoebe, Xenia and Nina finished with GOLD despite making a couple of errors.
Cosette and Sophie who performed a near perfect routine finished with GOLD. Vicky, Laura and Emma performed confidently to take the GOLD in their section. Jess and Katie finished with one of the highest technical and artistry scores in their section but their low difficulty start value meant that they were not medal contenders and they finished in 8th place.
On day 2 of the competition we travelled to Andover for gymnasts competing at NDP4 and FIG.
In NDP4 Gabrielle, Katie, Siobhan performed 2 routines, with a notably stronger performance in their balance routine to win the GOLD. Steph and Emerald performed only 1 routine to win the GOLD but show much promise for the future.
In the FIG events Rebecca, Fran and Freya were competing together for the first time. After a stunning balance routine and a clean but slightly nervous dynamic routine they finished with the SILVER medal. The GOLD in this section went to Cath, Rosie and Emily whose experience, confidence and excellence in both routines showed how it should be done!
Becky and Megan with 2 new routines were obviously nervous and didnt perform the routines to their best. The acrobatic skills in both of their routines were fantastic to win them GOLD. Chris and Beth also had 2 new routines. Chris made a fantastic save to prevent a fall in their balance routine and they cleanly performed their new skills in their dynamic routine to give them the GOLD.

Spelthorne Invitational - Oct 2009
Despite a freezing sports hall our gymnasts kept their focus and performed fantastically. Cosette and Sophie win GOLD, Vicky, Laura, Emma win GOLD, James and Abi win GOLD and Phoebe, Xenia, Nina win GOLD! What a great day!

Summer Tournament - June 2009
Regional Team Winners and 3 GOLDS!
We had a small entry into the 'Summer Tournament', but it was our first entry into this event as a club for 4 years!

There was a team trophy up for grabs (which we were obviously keen to get our hands on!) and individual medals.

We had 3 partnerships competing in the 'NDP Grade 1 Pairs' section. Jess and Katie, competing in their first comp together (Katie's first ever comp!)really came alive on the floor in front of the judges and performed a fantastic routine with only a few minor mistakes, they finished in a creditable 5th place. James and Abi also competing in this section received a 0.3 height deduction but still finished in 4th place after a sound but 'wobbly' performance. Cosette and Sophie were our third partnership competing in this section. After a stunning routine (gaining the highest score of the whole competition) they finished with the GOLD medal.

In the 'NDP Grade 1 Group' competition Xenia, Phoebe and Nina were competing together for the second time aiming to improve on the obvious nerves at last comp. They put on a great performance with much more confidence to win the GOLD medal. In the 'NDP Grade 2 Group' competition Vicky, Laura and Emma put on a confident and well executed performance to win the GOLD medal. Unfortunately, in what was supposed to be their first comp together Ava, Melissa and Aysha had to withdraw as Aysha was ill.

In the team event we had to nominate a minimum of four partnerships (spread over pairs, trios and grade 1 and grade 2 partnerships) whose scores were to count towards the team trophy. James, Abi, Cosette, Sophie, Vicky, Laura, Emma, Xenia, Phoebe and Nina were nominated and all their scores had to count, so we couldn't have any mistakes! All partnerships performed as we had hoped to claim the 'Regional Team Trophy'

A special thanks to Michelle and Trish who ran the leotard stall on Andover's and our behalf. Also big thanks to Rich and Laura who were fantastic and also thanks to 'smelly' and 'pegan' for doing the running!

Saltney Classic 2009

Our NDP team performed fantastically well on the Saturday with Vicky, Laura and Emma claiming GOLD in their first competition together. Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald and Rebecca and Freya won GOLD to top off a very successful year for both partnerships. Cosette and Sophie won SILVER and James and Abi won BRONZE. Phoebe, Xenia and Nina in their first competition together showed their nerves and faltered in a number of their moves to leave them out of medal contention.

The FIG team performed their routines over both days giving us some great performances. Becky and Megan and Chris and Beth won GOLD in the 11-16 Women's Pairs and the Junior Mixed Pairs respectively. Steph, Laura and Hannah finished with the SILVER medal in their last competition together as a Women's Group.

A BIG WELL DONE to everyone, it really was unexpected to regain the team title again this year! It was a fantastic weekend with chance for us all to show our Oxford Team Spirit!

NDP National Finals - May 2009

3 partnerships qualified to represent the South at this years NDP National finals; Rebecca and Freya and Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald at Grade 3 and James and Abi at Grade 1. With both grade 3 partnerships in the first rounds of the day it was a tight time scale to be ready by, especially with height checks, registration and march on included, but like true professionals they are, they were not fazed and prepared quickly. Rebecca and Freya were first with their balance routine which was performed with style and the technical accuracy we have come to expect from this young pair. They went straight into the lead and after all their competitors had finished their first routine were in the gold medal position going into the dynamic routine. No pressure!! Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald performed the dynamic routine of their lives which would have put them into first place, only to find through no fault of theirs and a tariffing issue, a deduction of 1.3which dropped them into 5th. After initial disappointment and all credit to them, they picked themselves up and turned it into a personal challenge to see if they could pull themselves back into the medals, no easy task. A very nervous Rebecca and Freya marched out to do their dynamic routine, feeling the pressure and knowing that 1 slip would put them out of the gold medal position, but yet again, these amazing two performed brilliantly and confidently to easily take the National title and the GOLD. Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald looked stunning in their red and gold leotards and with an air of confidence, performed a stunning balance routine and amazingly managed to pull up 3 places to win the SILVER medal. A brilliant achievement but a sense of sadness that without the error, the gold and the title would have been theirs.

With a lot of pressure on their shoulders, not from anyone else but themselves because everyone had won a medal yesterday and they desperately wanted one, James and Abi had an excellent warm up and were ready to go. Nerves were showing in the waiting area, as this was their first major competition, but all credit to them, they contained them well and marched on ready to perform. The expression and effort they put into their routine, made everyone proud and with all the moves held and accurate, they were delighted to receive an excellent score and the BRONZE medal.

An absolutely fantastic result for Oxford yet again and a big thank you once again to all of our loyal and kind supporters who really make a difference.

Bulgarian International - May 2009

Two partnerships were selected to represent GB at this international event. Chris and Beth and Cath, Rosie and Emily earned their place in the National Team by finishing in the top 4 in the British Championships earlier this year. This competition was a good opportunity for Chris and Beth to be put under pressure in their routines. They did not disappoint, finishing with a Bronze medal for their Balance routine and finishing in 4th place overall and in their dynamic routine. For Cath, Rosie and Emily this was a really important competition as they were competing against another team from GB. This was really a pre-trial for a place in the GB team for the European Championships later in the year. The girls did 3 great routines to win the OVERALL GOLD, the GOLD in Balance and the SILVER (by 0.05!) in Dynamic and showed the National Coach that they deserve a place on the European team!


South of England PREP Finals - April 2009

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It was a nervous wait for Cosette and Sophie as they were in the last round of the day after qualifying to represent the South in the Prep A and B inter regional competition. They knew they had worked extremely hard preparing for the event, but with teams from the South West, South East, West Midlands and the London Region the competition was going to be tough. Like true professionals they remained totally focused until their round and after an excellent warm up, were feeling confident that they would go out there and do their best. Looking stunning in their leotards, they marched out and gave an outstanding performance, gaining them not only the gold medal, but the highest score of the whole competition and many compliments from judges, coaches and spectators. To end a fantastic day, the team from the South all gave brilliant performances to gain them the team trophy which was very well deserved for them all.

Flanders International - April 2009

3 days of tough competition; not only against the other gymnasts but also trying to battle through the Belgium judges who pretty much filled the panels!!
In the 11-16 women's pair section we had 2 partnerships competing, we had the experienced partnership of Becky and Megan and also Rebecca and Freya who were competing at this level of work for the first time. Rebecca and Freya performed 2 stunning routines and really proved that they can cope with the pressures of a big event at this level. The top 10 WP qualified for the finals,Rebecca and Freya just missed out as they finished in = 10th place! On the rules of competition the partnership with the highest technical score go through, unfortunately it was not Rebecca and Freya. Becky and Megan performed 2 fantastic routines in qualification leaving them in a very strong position for a medal on finals day. We spent some time tweaking and altering individual elements to save the .1's and it paid off! After a stunning balance routine the GOLD was theirs, very well deserved too!

Izzy and the Compare!

We had 2 partnerships competing in the 11-16 women's group section. Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald were competing at this level for the first time and did a really good job in both routines, their partner elements were well performed, it was just the individual elements which let them down! The top 12 groups qualified for finals, and in a strange coincidence the girls finished in = 12th place and missed out on a place in the finals by the same rules as Rebecca and Freya! Cath, Rosie and Emily qualified for finals in 1st place beating the opposition by a large margin in this level of competition. From the start of the comp they were the team to beat, with their 2 1/4 somi in their dynamic routine really raising the bar. They performed a fantastic balance routine in the final to take the GOLD medal.

Gold Medal Winners
Becky, Megan, Cath, Emily, Rosie

In the Junior WG section we had 2 partnerships competing. The very new (only 4 weeks!)partnership of Jo, Rosie and Izzy and Steph, Laura and Hannah. Both partnerships performed strong balance routines and finished in 5th and 4th place respectfully. In the dynamic routine Steph's trio performed a great routine and easily qualified for the finals. Jo's trio performed a great routine with one mistake which cost them a place in the finals. However we are so proud of all of them especially Izzy who has had to learn 3 types of doubles in 4 weeks - not a feat to be taken lightly. Amazing is the word that springs to mind! Well done trio! It was great that Steph's trio got to perform their combined routine. However once again it wasn't to be their day; a balance fell and the rebuild ruined the effect of the routine. A disappointing end to their comp which had gone so well until that point, the girls finished in 9th place.

Chris and Beth were performing in the Junior mixed pair section. These two promise so much but still need to grow in confidence together as a pair. They competed a good dynamic routine, with only a few minor mistakes but in their balance they had to save a fall in their first element and a few other nervous wobbles throughout the routine cost them a place in the finals. They finished in 7th place.

Team Spirit!

see more great pics!

British Championships - March 2009
2 Bronze!

I think this competition goes down in our books as our most stressful comp ever. What a weekend of highs and lows!!!!

In the 11-16 section Becky and Megan performed a stunning balance routine, definately under-marked technically by the judges! The girls were on a high after this but on day 2 a drop in their dynamic exercise cost them a place in the GB squad. It was such as shame as these two have worked so hard and really deserved a better result - but that's competition for you!

Cath, Rosie and Emily performed 2 stunning routines, finishing in 3rd place and securing a place in the GB Squad. Their dynamic routine was sharp and technically sound and left them in 4th place (should have been 3rd!) going into day 2 of the comp. The girls rose to the occasion and produced a world class balance routine to win the BRONZE medal.

Steph, Laura and Hannah performed a clean dynamic routine early on in the day, there were only a few minor deductions in the routine leaving them in a strong position to qualify for the combined routine, needing only to go clean in balance which was scheduled for much later in the day. Lets just say that the girls dropped in their balance. Gutted to say the least, these things happen I suppose? Everyone was devastated as it cost the girls the chance of performing their combined routine.

Chris and Beth won the BRONZE medal after performing a clean combined routine. Their run to the finals did not quite go to plan either - there were errors along the way which will need to be ironed out if they are to make finals in Flanders. Congratulations to Chris and Beth who have been selected for the GB squad.

NDP Regional Prelims Feb 28th 2009
4 Gold, Silver and Bronze!

click here to download Prelim results

Yet another fantastic weekend of competition. Xenia and Catherine in their first ever competition finished in 5th place after performing their in the PREP A women's pairs competition. Jess (in her first competition) and Emma had a difficult job being the first performers of the whole competition, they finished in 6th place in the Grade 1 women's pairs. Laura and Aysha in their last competition together finished in 4th place in the Grade 2 women's pairs section. Cosette and Sophie scored the second highest score of the competition to win the GOLD medal in the PREP B women's pairs. They will now represent the region in the South of England Finals. Phoebe and Nina made some small mistakes in their routine which left them with the BRONZE medal in the Grade 1 women's pairs. Vicky, Laura and Beth in their first competition together won the SILVER medal in Grade 1 women's trios after performing a fantastic routine, finishing only 0.1 behind first place! James and Abi won GOLD in the Grade 1 mixed pairs section finishing a whole mark ahead of the rest of the competition. Gabrielle, Fran and Emerald competed 2 routines and won the GOLD medal in the Grade 3 women's groups. Rebecca and Freya won the GOLD medal in the Grade 3 women's pairs and also scored the highest mark of the whole competition. James, Abi, Gabrielle, Fran, Emerald, Rebecca and Freya will all represent the region at the NDP national finals in May. Well Done everyone!

Becky, Megan, Cath, Emily, Rosie

King Edmunds FIG Club International 2009
Gold and Silver!
We had 2 partnerships competing in the 11-16 section over the weekend. Becky and Megan were in the women's pairs section and Cath, Rosie and Emily were in the women's group. Both partnerships competed 2 fantastic routines on Saturday to qualify in 2nd and 1st place respectively for the Sunday Finals. For finals the scores are wiped and count for nothing so both partnerships had to prove themselves all over again!
Becky and Megan were first to go with their balance routine, a confident and polished performance gave them the SILVER medal against some very tough competition. Cath, Rosie and Emily performed their balance routine with strong expression and confident clean moves to give them the GOLD medal. Well Done girls!!

click here to download results

James, Chris, Rebecca, Cosette, Phoebe, Freya, Sophie, Nina, Beth

King Edmunds NDP - Feb 2009
2 Gold, 2 Silver, Bronze!
We had 5 partnerships competing in the event and all returned home with medals! Rebecca and Freya competed at grade 3 and won the GOLD. They performed incredibly well considering Rebecca was feeling really ill and had spent the previous day in bed. They managed to get through both routines without any major errors but received a time fault on one of their balances! Chris and Beth competed at grade 4 and won the GOLD medal and also the trophy for the highest score of the day at grade 4. This was their first competition together and they managed to get through both routines with only minor mistakes. At grade 1 we had 3 partnerships competing, James and Abi, Phoebe and Nina and Cosette and Sophie. A special well done to Sophie who was competing in her first ever competition! All 3 partnerships performed confident and clean routines. James and Abi won the BRONZE medal, Phoebe and Nina and Cosette and Sophie tied and shared the SILVER medal! What are the chances of that! All partnerships look promising for the forthcoming PRELIMS. Well Done to everyone!