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Squad Gymnastics

Our 'Squad' gymnasts train and compete regionally, nationally and internationally. Gymnasts are invited to join a squad through a talent identification program,from recognition by coaches and from participation in other classes.

There are 5 different 'squads', these are:

FIG - Gymnasts in this squad will be competing at the highest level in Great Britain and travelling to international events around the world; representing the club and ultimately we hope representing Great Britain. Gymnasts in this squad train 5/6 evenings a week plus mornings.

FIG Development - We see gymnasts in this squad as having the potential to compete at FIG but because of age or a new partnership are currently not ready to do this level of work. Gymnasts will work one or both of the FIG and NDP programmes. There will be opportunities to do FIG international events if gymnasts are the correct ages and the right level. Gymnasts in this squad train 3-5 times each week.

NDP Competitive - Gymnasts in this squad will compete at NDP and will be able to take part in many regional and possibly national events at this level. Gymnasts in this squad train 2 times each week.

Talent Development - Gymnasts are selected for this squad and are usually aged between 5-12yrs.  They will be trained for a future as a competitive gymnast. Parents will be invited in for a meeting to explain the commitment needed to be a squad gymnast. 

Talented Recreational - Gymnasts are selected for this transitional squad from our recreational classes.  They will do one recreational class and one squad class each week.  This class is seen as a stepping stone from recreation to squad training and will give the gymnasts the chance to see if 'squad' style sessions are for them.
Gymnasts can be of any age but will show a talent for gymnastics.  They will be given the essential grounding needed to become a competitive gymnast latter on. If the gymnast is seen to have the necessary qualities to become a competitive gymnast they will be invited to move into the Talent Development Squad.  If however they do not make the progress or show the commitment needed they will be asked to leave the class and return to recreational sessions.
Parents will be invited in for a meeting to explain the commitment needed to become a squad gymnast before accepting their place in the group.

The gymnastic year is split into four terms:
Sept 1st - Nov 30th
Dec 1st - Feb 28th
March 1st - May 31st
June 1st - August 31st

Fees are payable in full at the start of each term.
We reserve the right to cancel any session during the scheduled term dates.