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Competition Reports 2011 Edit Text

NDP National FInals - May 2011
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FIAC 2011 - Flanders International Acro Cup, Belgium

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Inter Regional Championships – 9 April 2011

Saturday 9 April saw 3 partnerships taking the well trodden path to Southampton to compete as members of the Southern Region Team in the Inter-Regional Championships. This competition is only open to gymnasts who have already qualified (based on their results from the earlier NDP Pre-lims competition) and as such, a close contest was anticipated.  The girls would be competing against gymnasts from 4 different Regions for both individual honours and also, as part of the Southern Region, for the overall Team Trophy.

First up for Oxford were Rowan, Katie and Kirsten who were competing in the Novice/Prep B Groups. Having come first at the NDP Pre-lims they were anxious to keep up their winning ways amongst a wider field.  A good warm-up boded well and a fortuitous draw meant that the girls would compete last in their group and would know almost immediately how they had fared. The girls marched confidently onto the floor belying the nerves that they were all feeling and as soon as their music started, it was clear that they were going all-out to impress. A great routine followed, undoubtedly their best yet, which deservedly won them the gold medal by a large margin; well done girls!

The afternoon was devoted to the NDP Grade 1 competition, which saw the Trio’s of Abi, Molly and Lucy, and Ava, Aysha and Heidi facing some strong opposition in the always hotly contested Women’s Groups (WG) section.   In a reversal of the morning’s lucky draw, Ava’s Trio were in the unenviable position of having to open the WGs competition. However, the girl’s hard work during their build up to the championships and a positive warm up had prepared them well.  A strongly executed routine set the standard for those that would follow, drawing loud cheers from the Oxford supporters – now they had to wait!   Abi, Molly and Lucy were keen to match and if possible, beat their team mates (healthy rivalry is good)! Taking to the floor, the effort they had put into their choreography was clear and despite a slight error in their last move, the girls produced a lovely routine - and were awarded the same score as Ava, Aysha and Heidi; the Oxford Trio’s were joint second! The girls now had to wait while the judges checked their execution scores in order to decide the final medal positions, both Trio’s would stand on the winner’s podium, but which way round would it be?  After a short wait the final results were announced; by 0.1 of a mark, the Silver Medal went to Ava, Aysha and Heidi and first to congratulate them were Abi, Molly and Lucy, who took the Bronze.

During an excellent day of competition, Oxford had achieved a 1, 2, 3; everyone came home with a well deserved medal and as an added bonus, The Southern Region won the Team Trophy as well. Congratulations to everyone who took part, you did yourselves and the Club proud!

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King Edmund International Club Competition

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Regional PRELIMS - March 5th 2011

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Fantastic Results at the NDP Regional Prelims
6 Golds, 1 Bronze 4th
Oxford gymnasts shone out at the NDP prelims last weekend. With over 20 gymnasts taking part in 8 different partnerships it was going to be a busy day!  5 of our partnerships qualified to represent the South of England at the NDP National Finals in May while the remaining 3 partnerships were selected to represent the south at the Inter-Regional team competition in April.  What a great result!!   Edit Text

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